Volunteer with us

We are always looking for volunteers to support community league programs. You can volunteer your time regularly by becoming a member of the Board, or you can volunteer on occasion when it works with your schedule.  

Why volunteer?

  • Get to know some new people in your neighbourhood
  • Gain volunteer experience for your resume
  • Opportunity for personal growth
  • Chance to give back to your community

Interested in creating a unique program for our community? Are you looking to develop skills and experience to help you with your career? We are open to suggestions. If you see an opportunity to help us create a stronger community through volunteering which can also help you with your own personal development, that is a win/win! 

Volunteer opportunities

Regular volunteer opportunities are available by becoming a member of our Board. We are currently looking for:

  • Sports Director
    • oversee sports programs that meet the needs of residents
  • Volunteers Director
    • recruit, retain and oversee volunteers involved in community league events and programs
    • foster a network block connectors to act as a liaisons between the league and residents

Or you can volunteer when it’s convenient for you. For example:

  • Social committee to help community events run smoothly 
  • Block connector acting as a liaison between the league and the people on your block
  • Flyer delivery 
  • Help with community clean-up
  • Communications assistant (helping with social media, Duggan Details newsletter, and flyers)
  • Special projects – have an idea for new programming or community initiative? Let us know!

If you are interested in getting involved, send us an email at membership@mydcl.ca and we will be in touch!